Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Reasons to Show Hospitality

My dad has turned out front door into a revolving door. In direct obedience to the Bible... Romans 12:13 says to "seek to show hospitality". Hebrews 13:2 reminds us of the same thing, with an incentive"do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares". 1 Peter 4:9 commands us to "show hospitality to one another without grumbling." It's even a requirement for the widows who are to be put on the church paylist(1 Tim. 5:10) and for pastors(1 Tim. 3:2)!

So we all know we should be showing hospitality, and even more to be showing it with gratefulness and without grumbling. Easily said... From experience I can tell you that sometimes you don't always feel like throwing your door wide open to complete strangers. Sometimes you just want to crawl in your bed with a good book and a hot cup of tea. But, at least in my house, we aren't really given a choice. And how grateful I am for this!

It is a blessed gift to be able to open your house to others. First of all, you should do it out of sheer gratitude that you even own a home! There are millions around this world who don't even have a cardboard box to call their own. And you have a house with beds, food, silverware, couches, games, etc. As I have grown older I have wondered how on earth my parents can afford to house and feed so many...whereas certain others refuse to have more than five people because they're counting pennies. One truth I can loudly declare: "cast your breads upon the waters, for you will find it after many days."(ecc. 11:1) Despite having people over every day and especially weekends, we have never gone hungry. There was not a day that I woke up and found nothing in the refrigerator and pantry. You give and more will be given to simply can't outgive God!

Secondly, coming through the revolving door have come many interesting people. I met many new people through my brothers, sisters, father, and mother. Uncountable are the times I have been edified by a conversation over the table. This, mainly, is attributed to my father as he always centers the conversation around the Bible. He often asks questions about Proverbs, or other theological questions. But anyone can start a good and Biblical conversation because it is an indicator of how often and long you read the Bible. The more you read the more you can share. Many friendships have been made because of our open doors, and many have been strengthened. And who knows? Maybe someday an angel will come through...or already has and will let me know in heaven =)

Thirdly, hospitality has been a valuable experience teacher! The many lessons I have learned serving others are priceless! I have learned how to wash dishes with a smile, I have learned how to set a table in such a way it doesn't disrupt the conversation, I have learned how to begin and keep a light conversation going, I have learned how to make a drink just perfect (my sister will disagree). More importantly, I have learned gratitude and service. God taught me how to desire the heavenly award and not look forward to human thanks. There is a lot I have learned through my family's revolving door.

So I would urge you to show hospitality. Do not look for the human praise but do it out of obedience and for the glory of Jesus Christ our glorious Lord. I hope that when I move out and have a house of my own my front door will be a revolving door for all and you never know...maybe some day an angel will drop by!

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  1. this is very encouraging and convicting for me!